Lesson Plan : Using Characterization

Teacher Name:
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Literary Elements: Characterization
 Characterization based on weekly story read.
 1.Define and understand what characterization is and the role it plays in a story 2.Work in groups to find the characterization of each character in chart form (3 columns) 3.Create a character sketch
 1.Participate in group discussion showing their understanding of characterization and how it affects a story. 2.Demonstrate ability to work together to complete discussion. 3.Display knowledge of how to write a character sketch.
 reading transparency 53 (any 3 column trans.); Student reading book;
 Ask students to describe principal; list responses on board; have students make inferences about her character based on her actions, feelings and things she says.
 Using the list of actions, feelings and words of the principal, show how inferences can be made about her character. Explain how that is called characterization.
 Using the transparency, label the columns: character, examples of words, feelings, thoughts and actions, and inferences about character. Use characters and complete chart as class: Ivan helps clean shop,hard worker helps father sew good helper.
Checking For Understanding:
 Use character sketch presentations to check for understanding.
 Re-visit principal's characterization and see if they would change anything or if they were fairly accurate
 Greatest measure of progress will be throughout week as we discuss story in more detail to see if students have deeper understanding of characters and why they do or don't act certain ways.

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