Lesson Plan : Introduction to English Grammar

Teacher Name:
 Alison Mincarelli
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 English Grammar- Parts of Speech
 Parts of speech: Noun, Adjective, Verb, Pronoun, Adverb
 The students will be able understand the different functions of the parts of speech in a sentence.
 -Students will be able to provide a definition for each part of speech -Students will understand the roles of each part of speech in the sentence -Students will be able to correct ungrammatical sentences and explain why -Students will recognize the positioning of words in a sentence and identify the different parts of speech
 Pencils, paper, colored pencils, overhead projector
 Start by playing a popular (yet appropriate) song for the class. Have them divide a piece of paper into columns- each titled with a different part of speech. As the song plays and the students enjoy the music, have them write down as many different nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc. that they hear.
 -Make columns on black board, have students go up to board a few at a time, making one big classroom list of the adj, verbs, nouns, etc. that we all heard in the song -Go over each part of a speech as a class, starting with a definition then looking at the examples and examining why or why not it falls into that part of speech category. -Then pass out sample sentences (correct in grammar) and have students use colored pencils to identify each part of speech... orange= noun, red=verb, etc.. have students underline nouns with orange, and so on. -Use overhead projector with colored markers to go over as a class.
 -Work in small groups with a section of the newspaper (sports section, business section, etc.) or a magazine. Have students identify parts of speech from their favorite article. Team with the most correctly identified parts of speech wins a coupon for a free ticket to the next school dance/sports event -Will be handed in and corrected overnight- prizes handed out to winning team in the morning.
Checking For Understanding:
 -Review definitions, and typical location of various parts of speech in a sentence.. go over some generalizations/tricks that will help students the majority of the time -Give them pages in book/wksts for extra practice and more clarification -Provide hours for extra help -Any QUESTIONS?
 -Overview of class, tying up loose ends
 -The amount of identified parts of speech from song, to the last in class practice assignment that will be scored for a prize. -Additionally, the homework given will be reviewed in tomorrows class, and collected to make sure everyone is keeping up (all students will get credit for attempting the homework)

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