Lesson Plan : Lifeskills Lesson

Teacher Name:
 Lisa Huem
 Grade 1

 This class we will talk about how we can deal with problems with friends.
 What are the kinds of problems you have with your friends? Why is a friend a friend? Communication! How can you solve the problem?
  hurting eachothers feelings. For them to feel good about their understanding of the lifeskills curriculum this year.
 Students will feel open about disccussing problems with the class, and will openly suggest solutions and situations to the class disscussions.
 Slides Projector Whiteboard Whiteboard Markers Lined Paper Pencils
 We will talk about what friendship is, what problems you have...
 How do you solve a problem??? Please draw a picture with the paper and crayons and markers at the front of the room on my desk to show me a time when you had a problem with your friends and how you worked it out.
 The kids will draw situations on paper in order to get themselves thinking.
Checking For Understanding:
 We will go over their pictures in class, and find out what is common among us. How do we solve our problems? who should we talk to when we have a problem?...
 We will read a situation and solve it... Share our pictures Wrap up time Hand out homework Leave

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