Lesson Plan : Assertiveness

Teacher Name:
 Rian Acklin
 Grade 7-8

 Choices and Consequences
 Aggression, Assertiveness and Submission
 I aim for the children to learn to think flexibly in order to come up with an approach that fits the situation and develop skills to carry it out. This means showing youngsters that they have a range of choices in any given situation and expanding their repertoire of ways to be strong
 Apply ideas of assertiveness to the kinds of situations children face daily, and give them a chance to practice skills in standing up for themselves and being strong
 Wireless microphone, sound system, laptop...etc.
 Rearrange the classroom. Have students answer the question of one good thing and the focus question which is: How do you handle conflict in your life? Do you think about the consequences of your choice? Why or why not?
 Describe a situation that has relevence to this group of students lives and describe a scenario of conflict that is handled in an aggressive, assertive and submissive way. Reinforcing the objective of being assertive as the way to handling conflict.
 Lesson #1 role play on Choices: Students will 1. Observe a role play in which two friends are having a conflict 2. Describe the problem and how the characters are feeling 3. Identify the choices the characters have in the situation.
 Come back together and have a few students share their stories of being assertive in a situation and how it worked out for them.

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