Lesson Plan : Point, Line, Plane

Teacher Name:
 Samuel Odamah
 Grade 9-10

 Students will learn to work with points to make lines that then develop into planes. This excersice helps students to develop their design ideas.
 principles of design, abstract associations, unity of rhythm, scale of forms, use of repetition
 1. Students will create 2d drawings applying point, lines, and planes. 2. Students will create abstract models representing their 2d drawings
 1. Student will learn how basic shapes help form walls, spaces and buildings
 corrugated card board, Elmers glue scissors, color markers
 Teacher should discuss with students they way in which points create a line. Then that line is multiplied and reflected on four sides to create a rectangle. Thereafter that rectangle is extruded in 3d and it can become a plane with four sides. Students can imagine walking around the 3d plan on all four sides.
 1.Teacher should encourage students to use a simple shapes or forms that repeats in unique rhythms for variety of results. 2. Teacher should help students who are having difficulty starting by helping them to draw grids on their paper. The grid can become a base to turn on students' ideas.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask students to present 2d drawing to their peers with the help of teacher. Teacher will help students discover shapes, forms, and other geometry in students' 2d drawings. Teacher should encourage students to create multiple iteration of their ideas with slight variations to each.

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