Lesson Plan : Spatial Concepts

Teacher Name:
 Tina Padovich
 Grade 2

 Spatial Concept; First, Next, and Last
 Reading, Vocabulary, and fundamental understanding of first, next, and last as they pertain to reading or following directions.
 The aim of this lesson is to engrain the topic into the child through a multitude of sensory input.
 1.The objective of this lesson is to give students an understanding of a single spatial concept...First, Next and Lsst. Since is new material I will expect most if not all students to be frustrated and therefore not in a positive state of mind for learning. 2.Breaks will be needed at frequent intervals (5 minutes)during these breaks a physical activity can be used with the concept vocabulary.
 1. Three stuffed animals 2. Counting Bears w/cups 3. Sequencing Cards 4. Book "The Snowy Day" 5. Student (paper) copy of three events in book. 6. Cut and paste worksheets 7. Parent letter explaining homework
 1.If therapy group is small enough than (3 or less students) than I would use their line to focus the vocabulary on first, next and last. 2.I would also use our previous lesson "Rainbow Fish" asking what happened in the story. 3. I would have students follow 3 step directions.
 The concept can be modeled by going through a series of small demonstrations. Using stuffed animals illustrate line order of first, next and last.
 1. SLP(A) will rearrange animals and ask which one is first, next or last. 2. SLP(A) will lay out a set of cards describing each card as she puts them down. Vocabulary on each card must be reviewed. (Have vocabulary list ready. Additional pictures as well) 3. Guide students by emphasizing the spatial vocabulary. 4. Model complete sentence for each picture to facilitate success. 5. After each child has completed a set of cards put another set of 2 cards in front of them and monitor peer to peer descriptive sentences. (These may need to be modeled)
 If students are having some difficulty grasping the concept than I would incorporate a physical activity such as Simon Sez or
Checking For Understanding:
 Understanding can be assessed in a multitude of ways.
 Student should retell what the topic of the day was. Also, walk them step by step through homework (make sure they use vocabulary words)

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