Lesson Plan : Writing About Our Families

Teacher Name:
 Michelle Bullard

 Writing/List of Family words
 The Learner will apply strategies and skills to create oral, written, and visual texts. The learner will apply grammer and language conventions to communicate effectively. (These goals are from the Cumberland County Task Analysis for Kindergarten.)
 4.01 Use new vocabulary in own speech and writing. 5.02 Use a capital letter to write the word I. (These objectives are from the Cumberland County Task Analysis for Kindergarten.)
 Student Journals or writing/illustration paper, pencil, crayons Chart paper, white board, dry erase markers
 Display the Family Words chart (Already crated in a previous lesson.)Read the chart with the children.
 On the white board, write these sentences: Families live together. Families play together. Families work together.
 Draw a picture of something that you and your family do together. Label each family member referring to the Family Words chart for each. (example: I will draw a picture of my sons and myself raking fall leaves. I will label each: me, my son Noah, my son Austin. I will write sentences: I rake. We work.
 Encourage below level students to write the labels for each family member they have illustrated by copying the words from the Family Words chart. On level students will label each family member shown and write a sentence using the word I. Above level students will label each family member shown, write a sentence using the word I, and write a sentence using the word we.
Checking For Understanding:
 As children work, observe what they are illustrating and writing. If necessary, provide assistance to struggling or off task students to get them on track.
 Allow volunteer's to read their labels and/or sentences they wrote and to share their illustrations.
 Check journals for accessing knowledge and levels of understanding of the assignment. Document the students who need similar writing activities to develop these witing objectives.
Teacher Reflections:
 The students were able to complete this assignment on their level of understanding except for K. Talk to his ESL teacher to brainstorm some strategies and ideas to help K be successful.

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