Lesson Plan : Spelling Short i Words

Teacher Name:
 Mr. M
 Grade 2
 Language Arts

 Tampa Words
 fill, hid, lift, swim, drink, kid
 1. Students will be able to successfully spell, define, and pronounce 100 % of the daily words. 2. Students will use these words in a complete sentence. 3. Students will put these words in abc order.
 1. Students will spell, define, and pronounce at least 80 % of the words. 2. Students will use the word in a sentence at least 80 % of the time. 3. Students will know how to alphabetize to the second letter of each word at least 80 % of the time. 4. Students will add these words to their daily vocabulary.
 Smart Board, Copy of worksheet loaded to Smart Board.
 1. The teacher will say the word, define the word, and use the word in a sentence.
 1. The teacher will review with the class an example from each skill: a. Skill 1: Use the word in a sentence b. Skill 2: Definition Matching c. Skill 3: Sentence Writing d. Skill 4: ABC Order
 1. Students will be called upon to come to the smart board to answer an example from each skill area. 2. Student(s) will choose from a sampling of words to answer the questions. 3. The teacher will read over the worksheet as the students fill in the correct answers on their own.
 1. The teacher will use direct instruction and indirect instruction for this assignment. 2. The teacher will call on a few individuals to answer the questions on the assignment from the Smart Board.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. The teacher will give individual assessments while walking around the room. 2. The teacher will give the students a grade on their worksheets.
 1. The teacher will remind students on how to use tools in the classroom to help them with their worksheet. 2. The teacher will remind students about practicing spelling at home. 3. The teacher will remind students that the spelling test is on Thursday.
 1. The teacher will give a written grade for the vocabulary/spelling worksheet. 2. The teacher will work with those students having difficulty with the skill areas. 3. The teacher will chart the skill areas by student(s) to see where students are having difficulty. 4. The teacher will work with individuals having difficulty with the assignment (one-on-one)

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