Lesson Plan : Restaurant

Teacher Name:
 Joanne Forsyth

 Ordering food in a restaurant.
 Covering food, ordering and other restaurant related vocab. Getting the students to communicate in a 'real' situation so the words take on a better meaning than just repitition. Variaty of food items I would like... Please may I have... What does this come with? How much is that? Could I have ... please? Would you like...? Do you recommend...?
 To encourage the students to speak fluently and get used to the vocab in a practical situation. Acting out ordering and serving. I want the students to understand how to use the vocab and learn new words that will be useful in 'real' situation.
 I will watch their pronounciation, use of sentences and encourage fluency. Mainly this exercise is to practise the words, their meaning and use.
 Flannelboard with food related items.
 Go through all the voacab, showing the cards with food related images on them. Making sure the students have said the questions and a variety of answers a few times so they hear how it should sound.
 Once they have the vocab, then move them onto making up a couple of sentence, mixing and matching food items. So they understand they don't all need to order the same things. They can make up a variety of meals and questions.
 Have one student as the waiter/waitress, two as chefs and the rest as customers. So the customers ask for a table, the waiter seats them, takes there order. This process can take a while, as the customers are encouraged to ask questions and order any variety of food items. The waiter then has to go to the chefs and explain the orders. The chef makes up the orders on the flannelboard and then tells the waiter when they are ready. The waiter than displays the meal to the relevant customer going over their order. The customer then can tell them if they got the meal right and how the food tasted. Ending with the customers asking for the bill and paying the waiter.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the end of the class I will give them a hand out asking them to write the names of some of the items and answer some questions.
 I will ask them if they enjoyed acting out the situation, which areas they found hard, which easy so I can establish areas that need work on.

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