Lesson Plan : Laying out and Cutting a Rafters

Teacher Name:
 Dave Ritter
 Grade 11-12
 Vocational Ed.

 Laying out and Cutting a Rafter with a 6/12 Pitch and a Seven Foot Span"
 Safety Equipment ,Learning Objective, Materials needed,Terminologies, Step Down method Instruction, Hand out Gable End Drawing, Hand out Rafter Layout Drawing,Lesson Quiz.
 Upon completion of this lesson you should have the basic skills to layout and cut any basic roof rafter with any given roof pitch.You should be able to label and use in conversation the terminologies and parts of a rafter.
 Practice and learn safety and tool use, along with the ability to effectively layout, label the parts and develop a rafter in a efficient and timely manner. You will be graded on terminology, safety practices, accuracy in laying out within 1/8 of an inch,and over all efficiency of project. (rafter)
 Safety Equipment, Framing Square, Circular Saw, Pencil, Hand Saw, Tape Measure, Extension Cord, Square Gauges, and a 2x6, (6') or longer.
 We will be learning about the proper way to safely layout and cut A rafter with a 6/12 pitch on a 7' total span.
 Distribute Terminology and lecture handout. short lecture and demonstration using rafter material and safety gear.
 Students will practice laying out and labeling parts of a common rafter using a framing square and the step down method prior to construction using specifications provided.
 Pairing up of both first year and second year students together to guide, help understand,and instruct for the development of both instructing and learning skills.
Checking For Understanding:
  Students will be asked to individually layout a rafter using a framing square and specifications provided. Each student will be required to cut at least 1 side of the components needed to construct the rafter.
 Even though it seems to be a lot of steps to building a rafter, the first one that you layout for each roof line will be your last because you can use it as a pattern,as many times as you need. So get it right the first time and you will only have to do it once per section of roof.
 A terminology and layout quiz will follow completion of unit. Students will be graded on the proper use of power tools, safety, layout and construction using the shed as a working example.
Teacher Reflections:
 What could I have covered better? Would this have been better taught in the field? Were all of the assumed knowledge items understood well enough before hand?

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