Lesson Plan : Learning About Our Seasons!!

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Jayne Ewalt

 The seasons of the year!
 Students will be able to differentiation between the four seasons of the year: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. They will learn about appropriate dress, the typical weather found within these different seasons. -Hot -Cold -Springtime -Summertime -Autumn -Wintertime
 Students will be able to name and differentiate between the four seasons of the year. 1) Students should be able to understand and be able to give examples of appropriate dress for each season. 2) Students should be able to describe typical weather found in each season and be able to describe activities appropriate for each one. 3) Students will learn a seasonal tune for the season that we are currently in. (Fall)
 1) Students will be able to name the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. 2) Students should be able to describe weather found in each season such as "snow falls down in the winter" or "the summertime is warm". 3) Students will learn the song "The Leaves are Falling Down". 4) Students will be able to express what articles of clothing are appropriate for each season. (Example: "I should wear a heavy coat in the Winter", or, "I wear a bathing suit when I go swimming in the Summer".
 -A Seasons Chart (shows all of the seasons: snow, spring flowers, etc...) -Guitar (to play "The Leaves are Falling Down") or... -Mendy Carney's "Around the Seasons Go" Audio CD (any like CD will do -Pictures of seasons -Articles of different clothing (winter coat, hats, scarf...etc) -Sunblock -Crayons and Paper
 1) Show children seasons chart 2) Ask if anyone can name the four seasons
 1) Discuss the weather of the four seasons: -Ask students to name what kind of weather patterns found in each season. 2) Discuss appropriate dress for each season and safety factors involved. -(example: sunblock=summer not heavy enough of a coat=too cold or frostbite!) 3) Teach the song "The Leaves are Falling Down"
 1) Sing "The Leaves Are Falling Down" 2) Play dress up! -Pick students to come up to the front and dress up in the different articles of clothing provided. ~(examples: winter jacket=winter sunglasses and hat=summer sweater=fall)
 1) For hearing impaired students, the seasons chart, picture drawing, and dress up exercise provides a perfect accommodation. 2) For visually impaired students, the song is a good accommodation. Also the dress up exercise can help them to understand the appropriate dress based on the feel of the clothing.
Checking For Understanding:
 1) Use the seasons chart and a pointer and cover the names of the seasons to review the names. 2) Ask students to describe appropriate dress and safety issues.
 1) Remind children importance of appropriate dress 2) Look outside and see weather of the day!
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