Lesson Plan : Book Burger Report

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 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Book Report
 Student will present a book report in the shape of a hamburger that includes the information for the title, author, setting, main characters, and summary.
 The goal of this activity is for students to work with other group members to complete an assigned project.
 Students will work in groups to identify the elements of a story. This will be accomplished by creating a book report that looks like a hamburger with each layer represnting a different element of the story.The top bun is for the title and author which is written on a paper plate. A picture that represent a part of the story is on the other side of the paper plate. The tomato layer(red) will tell about their favorite part in the story. The lettuce(green) will describe the setting. The cheese(yellow) is where student will list the main characters and the character traits. The final section will be the meat of the report(brown)which will contain the summary of the story. This may consist of more than one layer depending on the age level of the group.( If a story has the element of problem and solution, then another layer will need to be added.)
 Paper plates, construction paper, tissue paper, lined paper, paints and crayons, scissors, either pre-traced or templates for the layers of the report.
 A novel/book will be read as a whole class activity. Groups will then be formed by dividing the class into small groups.This can be done either by the teacher or student directed depending on class size/personalities.
 The teacher will display an example of what each group is responsible of producing. The teacher will then go over each step and state is what exactly expected in this book report. The teacher will also tell the students what each layer of the hamburger(book report)is to contain.
 Once the groups are formed, the students are to volunteer or be assigned jobs within the group. These jobs are: group leader-keeps group organized and on task, materials coordinator-gets the supplies needed from the classroom to complete the activity, proofreader- checks final project, cleaner-makes sure all materials are put away, and the spot checker/finisher-checks to make sure the work area is clean and project is stored until it is time to hand it into the teacher.
 Guidelines for group members: (1)members are to elect a group leader,(2)group mmebers are to collectively write the summary,(3)the other layers are completed independently within the group,(4)materials coordinator is the only one who can leave their designated are to gather materials and finally, the group leader raises his/her hand to relate question from the group to the teacher.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will monitor how well the group works together through observation. The teacher will also assess how well the members understand the assignment by answering their questions and reviewing the example provided for them to follow.
 Book Burgers will be presented to the class and then displayed within the room or hallway.
 To evaluate this book report activity, the teacher will complete a rubric. Students will either complete a self- assessment of how will they worked within the group or a an assessment of how well the other group members worked to complete this activity.
Teacher Reflections:
 The teacher will reflect on this activity to determine whether or not is reached the stated goals and objectives.

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