Lesson Plan : Travel Diary (model)

Teacher Name:
 K Hall
 Grade 7-8
 World Languages

 A Trip To Indonesia
 Travel diary for a trip to Indonesia (Research, Recount, Bibliography)
 4.MBC.1 demonstrates understanding of the interdependence of language and culture 4.MBC.2 demonstrates knowledge of key features of the culture of Indonesian-speaking communities.
 Students understand what is expected in their travel diary for their research project and start writing their diaries.
 OHP- Kuta info, Model research, Model travel diary, Komodo Island info (individual handouts)
  -Distribute student folders and books -Tell students the lesson objective- research to travel diary
  -Show the Kuta info OHP -Teacher underlines an example of important info from the text and invites individual students to underline text. -Show model reserch OHP -Instruct students to put a heading in their books- Places in Indonesia with a sub-heading Kuta Beach and write information for the bibliography -Ask students to write their own notes from the Kuta info OHP
 -Show model travel diary OHP -Explain- section 1- dot points of 'what you did' (ask for student volunteers to read aloud) Draw attention to transport used section 2- a list of 'what you ate' (student volunteers to read aloud) section 3- a recount of your day (student volunteers to read aloud) Draw attention to the use of cultural aspects of travel in the example.
 Jy and Kayla-with assistance will complete a less detailed travel diary
Checking For Understanding:
 Collect and mark student work. Give written feedback.
 -Ask students to complete unfinished work for homework -Collect folders -Collect completed work

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