Lesson Plan : The Visible PC An Overview

Teacher Name:
 Grade 11-12
 Vocational Ed.

 Visible Computer Hardware/Components and how to deal with handling them
 This plan will pertain to the introduction of the Personal Computer to students and will explain the following computer components and how to handle them with specific tools and safety: Cases, power supplies, motherboards, memory, processors, ports, expansion slots (ISA,EISA,PCI,AGP,PCI-E), expansion cards (sound, video, network, modem), peripheral components (mouse,keyboard), computer repair tools and how ESD affects electronic components
 To familiarize the students with the basic elements of the computer using Lecture, Power Point presentation, Overhead slides, physical hardware, and pertinent tools
 The objective of this lesson is to reduce the anxiety students may feel when dealing with a computer. It is to educate them on what a computer consists of and how to most affectively work with them.
 Computers for examination (1 per every 3 students), 1 computer for video and powerpoint presentation, Overhead projector, Whiteboard w/ markers, Video projector, Misc. Computer Hardware, Mike Meyer's A+ video #1, Power Point presentation on Chap2 The Visible PC, and overheads of pertinent computer hardware.
 A verbal quiz on computer hardware The lesson will start with a video introducing computer basics.
 Following the video a physical computer will be disassembled by the instructor while at the same time using a powerpoint presentation for better emphasis and overheads for being able to draw necessary figures for better understanding.
 After each part is disassembled it and other components like it will be handed around the room so each student can get a better look and feel of the component. A discussion on each particular component should be conducted at this time.
 This plan is intended to contain facets of all different learning styles in order to accomodate each different student. It can even be done at a pace and with a more laymen's approach to accomodate those with special needs
Checking For Understanding:
 A verbal quiz in more detail from the introduction is given to determine whether the students having gained more knowledge during the excersise.
 Discuss what type of computer each student would like and what features they would include in it. Give each student the assignment of configuring their own PC for discussion in the next class.
 Did the students knowledge of the PC increase? Based on the responses from the initial quiz and the final quiz you should see a huge improvement in the students overall knowledge.
Teacher Reflections:
 Each student had many misconception of the computer and through this lesson plan I was able to eliminate most of these issues. Having eliminated the false knowledge I will now be able to get indepth into each topic without having to re-teach the student.

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