Lesson Plan : Brain Dominance

Teacher Name:
 Katherine Chappell
 Grade 11-12
 Vocational Ed.

 Left and Right Brain Dominance
 Description of each dominance and the characteristics, suggested classes and advice according to dominance.
 This lesson should allow the student to become more aware of their learning style and to become more comfortable and confident in the way their brain works. The long-term goal is for students to become successful in their present/future school, work and social environments.
 This lesson will allow students to practice computer and internet performance skills. Students will perform an in-depth self evaluation.
 The materials needed for this activity are: computers for each student with internet access, access to a printer.
 The students will spend time exploring the "Junior Year: Make wise Choices" selection and choose the Hemispheric Dominance assessment.
 This will allow the students gain awareness of personal learning habits and will enhance their understanding of their surrounding environment. Ultimately , this will allow them to gain the skills needed to be successful in school, work and family situations.
 The instructor will direct the students on where to find The Hemispheric Dominance assessment. The students will then take the assessment on their own and then go over their results individually until everyone in the class is done. Once the class has completed the assessment, then the instructor will lead the class in a discussion about the results.
 You will find that it will be needed to have you or a classroom aide walk around to help any students in need of understanding a question. This is also helpful to students who have a tendancy to perseverate on questions and need assistance in moveing forward.
Checking For Understanding:
 There will be an opportunity at the end of the assessment to acknowledge each dominance and have a discussion on each. Furthermore, the students can be instructed to write and turn in a few sentences on how they could benefit from this assessment, and a goal they want to consider.
 At the end of this assignment the class will turn in their personal idea of the benefits acquired from this assessment. They will gather their printed results and put in their academic portfolio.
 The progress of each student will be measured by the goals they set and the actions taken to improve their personal performance in this class along with other classes that they may need to improve in.
Teacher Reflections:
 This lesson has been shown to be a great tool for the students to identify who they are and the goals that need to be set. This is particularly helpful for students to understand that there is nothing wrong with they way that they learn but it is something that should be embraced and taken full advantage of.

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