Lesson Plan : Welding

Teacher Name:
 Tyrone John
 Grade 11-12
 Vocational Ed.

 Gas Welding
 To Braze weld a single vee butt joint in the flat position
 The students will Braze weld two pieces of mild steel and produce a joint that is compatible to industrial standards.
 The students will be able: To show their knowledge of Braze welding. To demonstrate gas welding technique. To work together to produce a brazed joint.
 Oxy-acetylene equipment.1/4*2*6 mild steel plate.brass rods,flux and PPE
 The Students to be presented with information on the different areas and materials that brazing can be performed.
 Demonstrate safe method for preparing material for welding. Explain the process and what to observe when Brazing. Braze weld to pieces of mild steel for student to observe the procedure.
 Give assistance to the students. Observe students to ensure proper technique is used. Ask questions to ensure students understand their objective
Checking For Understanding:
 Give assessment on the individual joints.
 Let students know that they showed a great understanding of what Brazing is and how to perform it.
 Students to do research on braze welding and identify any area that was not mention where brazing can be used.
Teacher Reflections:
 In the beginning of the class students where not focused and spent on settling down the class. 75% of the class was able to complete their joint. More emphasis could be place on time needed to complete weld.

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