Lesson Plan : Digital Panoramic Photography

Teacher Name:
 B. Pease
 Grade 11-12
 Vocational Ed.

 Panoramic Photography
 How to set up digital camera for panoramic shots. Tripod use. Nodal point. Angles and exposures.
 Students will understand and operate digital cameras. Students will learn new operational characteristics of equipment. Students will transfer images from camera to computer using given software. Students will output images that meet industry quality standards.
 The students will be able to operate digital cameras using proper settings. Students will set up equipment to enable proper capture of given assignment. Students will use and understand software that enables proper assembly of the panoramic images. The student will produce images that meet industry standard quality.
 Digital camera Tripod Light meter Tripods Storage cards Batteries
 Digital cameras are easy to use, but slightly harder to use well.
 After mounting camera on tripod demonstrate proper movement. Show light measurement with meter. Discuss how group will be involved in project.
 Everybody will make exposures with cameras to truly make this a group project. Instructor will monitor each step of project to insure success.
 Each student will expose own frame and instructor will monitor the proper movement of camera on tripod for the next shot.
Checking For Understanding:
 Verbal, random questions as follow up after experience. What went well for you? What did not go well for you? Did you have any problems? What did you enjoy from this experience?
 Digital cameras are easy to use and with practice and a good understanding of the software in the computer you will be able to produce quality results in a short period of time.
 Follow up verbal questions. TAKE 5 quiz, next day. Class critique. Rubric for photographs.

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