Lesson Plan : Front brake pad replacement

Teacher Name:
 James Kellman
 Grade 11-12
 Vocational Ed.

 Front disc brake pad replacement
 Types of front brake pads, hardware service and inspection procedures, pad fitment specifications, Proper installation procedures and necessary tools for the job. Proper lubricant types.
 Students will understand proper front front disc brake pad replacement service procedures. Students will also be able to identify potential causes for uneven wear and premature wear. Proper tool application and usage will also be stressed. Goal for the lesson is for students to perform a quality front disc brake pad replacement service independently.
  Students will become familiar with the proper tools to use. Students will develop dexterity skills and interpersonal skills that are necessary in today's workplace. Students should be able to perform this task independently. Standards: CDOS sections 2, 3a 1-8 NATEF task V.D.4,6
 Test vehicles, Live customer vehicles when available, Necessary hand tools such as sockets, files, punches, hammers, impact wrench and impact sockets. New parts as needed and lubricants.
 What does a customer expect from typical disc brake pad replacement service? What is your task? What are your responsibilities as relates to this job? When should you recommend disc pad replacement?
 Instructor will display demonstration parts during the lesson. Instructor will show examples of when disc pad replacement is necessary. Instructor will show how to disassemble brake components and perform inspection of hardware and related parts. Instructor will then show reassembly procedure.
 Students must transition to lab area and change into appropriate clothing and safety equipment. Students will then be given starting instructions. 1. Record all necessary information onto vehicle work order. 2. Set lift arms to approved vehicle lifting points. 3. Verify settings with instructor. 4. Raise vehicle and remove wheels. 5. Perform visual brake inspection. 6. Record inspection findings on work order. 7. Report findings to instructor. 8. Verify if work is approved by customer. 9. Perform work needed as instructed by teacher. 10. Reassemble vehicle 11. Replace wheels. 12. Lower vehicle and test drive.
 Students that do not seem to grasp concepts will be given extra instruction to help them gain proficiency. In some cases students will need physical assistance to help them accomplish certain operations. Some students will also need lab instructions verbally read to them.
Checking For Understanding:
 How well is a student able to determine if brake pads need to be replaced? How well can a student follow proper service procedures? Does the student understand the benefits of a job well done? Does the student understand the consequence of a job performed poorly? How safely did each student work?
 What determines if brake pads need to be replaced? What are the factors to be considered when recommending brake pads? What is involved in the service procedure?
 Evaluate students : 1. Behavior 2. Safety 3. Lecture participation 4. Lab participation 5. Clean up 6. Task Completion

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