Lesson Plan : Wiring a Table Lamp

Teacher Name:
 Cunningham & Johnson
 Vocational Ed.

 How to wire a table lamp.
 Introduction to the basics of wiring a table lamp. Safety, tools and materials required, step-by-step instructions.
 Identify various tools and items contained in a toolbox. Identify the correct tools needed to wire a lamp. Identify the component parts of a lamp. Understand how the component parts of a lamp fit together. Understand how to use the appropriate tools safely.
 Upon completion of this lesson students should be able to properly rewire a table lamp using the necessary tools and parts. Students should be able to expand upon this knowlege to use the same tools in other capacities, and to apply their knowledge to other simple electrical repairs.
 PowerPoint projector and slides. Tools for each student. Lamp bases,sockets, plugs, wire, safety glasses
 Students will be divided into four groups of three. A member from each group will be asked to pick up a tool box from the front of the classroom. Students will be asked to identify and the different names of the tools and components contained in the tool box.
 The teacher will demonstrate how to safely use the tools required for wiring a lamp, and then will demonstrate each of the steps involved in this procedure.
 Students will be permitted to handle and manipulate the various tools and will be corrected on any improper or unsafe practices. Students will also be given the oportunity to handle and examine the component parts of a lamp, and understand how they work.
 This group of students is well known to the teachers and no special accomodations are required.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teachers will circulate throughout the classroom to observe the students work and offer any required assistance. Once a student has assemble his/her lamp the teachers will check that it is properly assembled
 Students clean-up their work area, put tools back into their storage cases. Students test their lamps in a polarized electrical receptacle. Students are given a 10 minute break.

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