Lesson Plan : Behaviors that Stop Bullying

Teacher Name:
 A. Boyd
 Grade 2

 Understanding The Concept of Respect. Why does everyone deserve respect and how does it change the meaning of our lives.
 Bullying Assertiveness Skills and Dealing with a Bully How To Get Help
 Teach students appropriate skills in assertiveness, expression and bullying recognition to avoid bullying and victimization.
 Students will determine appropriate action for dealing with various bullying situations. Students will develop proactive approaches for dealing with bullies. Students will also work through various scenarios to determine their understanding of the process.
 Basket Ball Worksheets Book (if time allows)
 Review of previous lessons regarding what bullying is and why it happens. Introduce the new topic..."How to stop a bully".
 Do a worksheet to demonstrate how bullying is handled differently depending on the situation. Students then will work through the scenarios as a class. We will write down the pros and cons of each strategy.
 Play "No Bully Basketball". Divide the class into two teams. Have individual students draw a bullying situation card out of a hat. If they answer how they would handle the situation correctly, give an opportunity to shoot a ball into a basket. Keep track of the baskets made and give students one point for their team for every basket made. The team with the most points wins.
 Auditory and Visual- Worksheet and class discussion Kinesthetic- "No bully basketball"
Checking For Understanding:
 Call on a variety of students to answer discussion questions and try to involve students as volunteers for "No Bully Basketball".
 Remind students that everyone has a right to feel safe and valued. If they think they are being victimized or don't know what to do, they should talk to an adult.
 Reduction of bullying incidents. Students will be presented with a situation that they must work through on their own.
Teacher Reflections:
 I would definitely have the children work on their lives by writing or explaining a situation in their own life and how they handled it. I would also like to discover with the children how adults can sometimes be bullies and how to work through it.

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