Lesson Plan : Shop Fair Project

Teacher Name:
 Mr Fleming
 Grade 9-10
 Vocational Ed.

 Students will create a piping arrangement to be displayed for shop fair. Students should chose a project that involves use of hand tools, power tools, ladder use, and multiple materials as permitted.
 Content of this project will include multiple goals as identified in the tenth grade curriculum.
 Students will use creativity and trade knowledge, to construct a plumbing and or heating project to be displayed at shop fair. Students may use whatever resources available in order to help complete their project, such as but not limitted to; teacher guidance, text references, manufacturer info, and web support. Students will have four days to complete project. Suggested time alottment; one day planning, two days construction, one day cleaning / wraping up and essay.
 Students will work in groups of three in a safe manner with all PPE in place at all times. Students will pick a project as a group, with governing factors kept in mind, such as but not limitted to; time to complete, materials available, and skill level of project.
 Students will be shown past years projects and discuss as a class some thought of proposed projects. Pros and cons of proposed will be discussed as a class. Students will be allowed time to access the web and other resources to help plan and guide their project selection.
 Think about what would impress you or catch your eye if you were to walk into the shop and see "what"? What is it that catches our eye or draws our attention?
 Sound of a wind chime. Sounds of birds. Running water. Sound of a flushing toilet.
 Instructor will assist groups while montioring students projects and progress.
 Students will be grouped by the instructor. Students are allowed to chose thier own project that they feel they can complete as a group in the allotted time.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will write an essay on their project explaining the revelance of the project in relationship to the trade. Essay wil either be typed or neatly written.
 Pick Project Check materials / Plan project Scetch project or write scope of project and submit to instructor Construct project Clean up / Write essay
 Students will be given a rubric prior to project. Students will self assess after project is complete and then submit to instructor for rubric assessment.

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