Lesson Plan : Photoshop Brush Using Photography

Teacher Name:
 Marc Biss
 Grade 11-12
 Vocational Ed.

 Using student photography to create brushes in photoshop.
 Photography and Photoshop... Brushes Rule of 3rds Golden Rule Composition Framing Lighting
 Through the use of student photography they will gain a vision for creating and using photographs to create amazing graphics via photoshop.
 Creating brushes through their own photographs, they will gain a vision for creating and understanding what will enable them to create solid graphics via photoshop and brushes.
 Camera and uploading equipment. Computer with photoshop. Computer with iMovie (if going the full lesson)
 Students are introduced to the basics of photography: Composition Filling the frame Lines and Patterns create movement Rule of 2/3 rds (Possibly have them draw this in word) Golden rule ( Possibly have them draw this in word) Obscure angles Lighting
 Show them examples of your work or others on the Interenet. Model angles, framing, patterns, form an area other than school. (This way it does not predispose ideas they should come up with)
 Have them shoot... in the class room ... or have tell what they would shoot in the classroom. See how they respond.
 Give students more time and guidance as to ideas of what to shoot.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have students then import the photos into photoshop and remove all unwanted background info by using the "Selection Tool" or the "Magic Wand". Then change the color by using the Image > Mode > Grayscale function. Next have them use the Edit> Define> Brush.... Next have them create a new canvas and paint this brush in different sizes and colors to create the art they so desire.
 Have them create three brushes and then use these brushes to make 3 pieces of art, backgrounds, and/or template.
 This is based on creativity, capability, productivity, and effort.
Teacher Reflections:
 Definately have students put together a slide show with all photographs and creative art work in iMovie. Should include transitions, title slides, and music. (If you have a pc I am sorry) Next have them export in quicktime and vuew them all on a projection unit. HAve students vote on best work.

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