Lesson Plan : Pain Management

Teacher Name:
 Tamra Carley, RN BSN

 Pain Management and Using a Pain Rating Scale
 Importance of pain mangement. Barriers Assessment of a patient experiencing pain Pain rating scales Pain Care Bill of Rights Patient responsibilities in the control of their own pain Nurses responsibilities in pain management
 The goal of this lesson is to ensure optimal patient comfort through a proactive pain control management plan.
 Identify the importance of a pain management policy. Diffentiate the differnet barriers to assessment and mangement of pain by the patient and the nurse. Recognize key points in the assessment of a patient experiencing pain. Teach a patient to use a pain rating scale. Discuss the importance of the "Pain Care Bill of Rights." Identify both the patient and nurse responsibilities in pain mangement.
 Lecture supplemented with PowerPoint Notes. Discussion. Handout "Pain Rating Scale."
 Pain is a common complaint; 9 out of 10 Americans suffer from pain at some point in their lives. It is the most common reason patients seek health care and chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability. Pain is often undertreated with some specific groups like the elderly, minorities, substance abusers, children and infants often undertreated. A patient with pain has the right to have their pain treated and taken seriously.
 Lecture with aid of Power Point presentation will be reviewed with students. Handout "Pain Rating Scales for Patient Use" will be reviewed and explanation given on steps and key points to include when teaching a patient to use a pain rating scale.
 Divide students in pairs. One student will be assigned the role of the nurse and the other student will be experiencing pain due to a knee injury. The "patient" is elderly and speaks limited English. The "nurse" will teach the patient how to describe and use a pain rating scale.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Complete 10-question quiz at end of lecture. 2. After completion of role play activity class activity student will write a "1-Minute Paper" on what they learned about the importance of teaching a patient to use a pain rating scale as part of an overall pain mangement program. 3. As time permits, a volunteer will present teaching a patient to use a pain rating scale.
 Pain is a patient right. Everyone experiencing pain should have their complaints taken seriously and be treated with dignity and respect.

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