Lesson Plan : Tourism Website

Teacher Name:
 Carrie Bushek
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

  (EDITED 15) The topic of this lesson will be reading about and exploring countries that the students choose to visit and learn more about. The students will communicate with people who will give them travel advice and any other information about these countries. Then, after collecting information students will create a tourism website to share with the class.
 The students will be researching religions, major land marks, forms of government, indigenous people, and population distribution. The students will also be able to navigate through the internet, access and use email, and create a web page with links to other web sites.
 Aligned to National Core Curriculum for Social Studies. Also includes a middle alignment to the NCSS standards.
 1. Given some websites students will access other credible websites and collect information on five countries with 90% accuracy. 2. Given a short lecture on communication, students will find one (credible) person for each country to converse with and gather at least three important pieces of information and three experiences of that person. 3. Given tools and a short lecture, students will create a tourism web page with links and graphics with 95% accuracy.
 Computer access, internet access, email access, and software that blocks inappropriate sites. Websites: www.google.com, www.discovery.com, www.travel.state.gov/travel_warnings.html, www.freeimages.co.uk/galleries/wallpaper/travel/, www.mapquest.com, www.itmb.com/, www.travel-library.com, www.library.uww.edu/GUIDES/country.htm, www.bsu.edu/library/article/0,,15447--,00.html, www.australia.com/, and www.travelsa.com/.
 Using student knowledge of countries they have studied so far, students will travel to countries that they choose. They will begin by discussing different places they have studied and would like to visit some day.
 The teacher will present the lesson by first showing the students a web page that he or she created. The teacher will follow with a short 10 minute lecture on credibility and validity. Then the students will be asked to give some ideas for places they can visit and create a web page about. The class as a whole will then have a short discussion about the best approaches for finding the desired information.
 To practice making the web page and finding information the class will create a simple web page about New York State with links and graphics to refresh the students memories and open them up to more possibilities to show their creativity. The teacher during this time will walk around the class and make sure that all the students are grasping the skills needed to create functioning web pages.
 1. For students who do not feel comfortable presenting their web pages to the class, they may email it to their classmates. 2. For ESL students they may access the information in their own language and translate it into English for the webpage. 3. The students who feel they can not remember the directions or who are visual learners, they will be emailed the directions and the highlights from the lecture given in class.
Checking For Understanding:
 To check the students they will be asked to email the teacher their first web page so that they can get an idea from the teacher on how they are performing.
 To end the lesson, the students will be asked to volunteer to show their web pages to the rest of the class. After the students will have a very short discussion on how they found their information.
 The evaluation of this lesson will be the grading of the final product by achieving the objectives above.
Teacher Reflections:
 This lesson will help the students explore different countries in a creative way. It will allow the students to display creativity while improving their research skills, technology skills, and communication skills. Did this lesson achieve this? Was this difficulty for the students? What can I do to improve this lesson? I will ask students for their input on this lesson.

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