Lesson Plan : Frindle Vocabulary

Teacher Name:
 S. Cassel
 Grade 5
 Literature Activities

 History and formation of new words. Ways that words become included in our spoken and written language. Addition of words to the dictionary.
 Vocabulary Acquistion Key Vocabulary: cameo, etymological, linoleum, preliminary, media, subscribed, commotion, profound, lexicographic trademark, controversial, embodies, consumers, unparallel, primly, vandalism
 To understand the process for including new words in the dictionary To add new words to speaking/writing vocabulary To explain new words in context To write coherent and logical responses to fiction using newly acquired vocabulary
 1. The students will use context clues to predict meaning for each vocabulary word as it is encountered in the text of Frindle. 2. Students will use the dictionary correctly to ascertain meaning of the word out of context. 3. The student will confirm or disprove his/her predictions. 4. The student will participate in a teaching team to instruct the class.
 Findle Dictionaries Paper, pencil, notebooks
 The teacher will conduct guided reading of a paragraph extracted from Frindle that contains many of the new vocabulary words.
 The teacher will model ways to ascertain word meaning using context clues such as words before and after, sentences before and after, and connections with past experiences.He willpredict word meaning in a talk aloud and then look up the word to confirm prediction or adjust understanding.
 The student teams will be given one word used in sentences from the book. Theywill work together to predict meaning, look up word in dictionary for part of speech and definitions, and confirm or disprove predictions. Teams will report into class.
 The teacher will serve as tutor to clarify and redirect.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Class discussions 2. Teacher observations 3. Team presentations to class
 The class will revisit the Frindle excerpt and read it aloud together. As a whole class, we will explore any additional insights we have after the word study.
 Vocabulary test using the words in new sentences with an explanation about the contextual meaning of each word written by the student.

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