Lesson Plan : Introduction to Progress Unit

Teacher Name:
 Melissa Dupont
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Considering the Theme of Progress (EDITED 12)
 What is "progress?" How has "progress" affected our lives?
 Students will be able to understand the purpose of the upcoming unit and contribute to its development.
 Given assistance regarding their preferences during the teaching of this unit on progress, students will explore and list at least six ideas for their culminating unit project.
 Copies of unit syllabus and overview, final product descriptor and rubric, and study guide for the week's reading.
 Introduce lesson by asking students "If you were going to teach someone about 'progress', what would you tell them and how would you get it across to them?" Move from question into listing possibilities on an overhead for each class to refer to in later planning.
 Students recieve syllabus and final product descriptor and rubric. Teacher will review the format with students and answer their questions. Students will also recieve the guided reading sheet.
 Students will begin their reading with the guided reading packet individually or work to formulate ideas for their project with peers.
 Students are encouraged to take the reading at their own pace, and to use the provided materials as they choose. Teacher or teacher assistants will provide help as needed.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will check for understanding through individual and whole class discussion.
 Teacher will alert students to the next day's lesson using "Agree/Disagree" game. These questions will assist teacher in knowing how to proceed with the next part of this lesson.
 Teacher will assess progress of group by the class discussions and teacher observation as students work together.
Teacher Reflections:
 Did this lesson give the students a good beginning and enable them to procede with next lesson? Are they enjoying the lesson? What will the I add to the next lesson? What will I eliminate?

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