Lesson Plan : French/English Relations

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 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 French/English Relations
 The Manitoba Schools Question Conscription - World War 1
 My goals are that students will: -understand the content related to what the Manitoba Schools Question was and how it relates to the the issues at that time and presently. -observe the events of conscription through video. -develop an understanding of the anxiety level during this time for Canadians.
 The III Identity Students will: -be expected to understand: a) how interaction among groups influence one identity. Students will: examine examples of interaction with others in order to understand how they shape one's cultural identity through: -legitimacy of self -majority-minority status -assimilation -cultural maintenance -cultural promotion
 Power Point-Reviewing exercises #3 and #4. Movie-WWI. Movie sheet for students to fill in answers.
 Students will enter the classroom and take a definition sheet from the front desk. (This will also be placed on the overhead so that Students will know what is expected of them)Define these 5 terms from Canada Today.(page 40-43) majority, minority, Roman Catholic, Official Language. (5 minutes) "o.k. everyone you will have 5 minutes to work on these definitions and then we will be moving on".
 Last night for homework you were instructed to complete Exercise #3 and #4 from your learning guide. I will briefly review the answers on Power Point. Please make sure that you add answers that you may not have on your paper.
 Teacher will read through and explain Excercise #3 and #4 on the Power Point. This whole activity should take 15 minutes. Students will then be instructed to complet the chart located on Page #20 of their learning guide.
Checking For Understanding:
 During the Power Point presentation I will answer any questions directed to me. I will ask questions to random students making sure they know the material. I will also walk around the class making sure that all students are on task and completing either the movie worksheet, chart or Exercise #6, accurately and in a timely fashion.
 "we will continue working on chart and Exercise #6 during our next period today"

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