Lesson Plan : Interpreting Cartoons

Teacher Name:
 Edie Weaver
 Grade 4
 Literature Activities

 Interpreting Cartoons
 1. The students will answer questions about cartoons presented via a teacher prepared Power Point of cartoons. 2. The students will scan a chosen cartoonfrom container and save to Word. They then will create Bubble Comments using Draw. Finished product is printed.
 Students will answer the following about their cartoons from Power Point.: 1. What is the main idea? 2. What would the cartooninst assume that the reader knows in order to undersatnd the cartoon? 3. What conclusion can you make about the intent of the cartoon?
 Students will use reading skills of Main Idea, Making Assumptions, and Drawing Conclusions to interpret the cartoons. 80 % proficiency in completed worksheet. Completed commented cartoons.
 computer, printer, worksheet with questions, Power point with sample cartoons, LED, cartoon for adding bubble comments from http://nieonline.com/aaec/cftc.cfm the Association of American Cartoonist website on word document loaded to computers.
 Review with students how to identify the main idea, making assumptions, and drawing a conclusion.
 Present sample cartoons via a prepared Power Point and ask questions to identify main idea, assumption and conclusion. Explain procedures for class. Present cartoons for worksheet exercise. From Power Point, show one cartoon and work with them to make comments. Demonstrate using bubbles from Draw.
 Assist as necessary as students perform tasks with prepared word document cartoons.
 Explain that their cartoons will be placed in a book and also presented via a Power Point tomorrow.

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