Lesson Plan : Current Events

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Nardino
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Current Events (EDITED)
 Local and world news stories occurring around the United States and the world that have an affect on society.
 Students will be able to read newspapers and watch network and local news reports. Students will be able to increase critical thinking skills, analysis and criticism. Students will be able to express opinions with support.
 Given top local and world news stories the students will identify the main events of the news articles. Given information by the teacher, the students will evaluate top local and world news stories by assessing a possible outcome for each story.
 Newspaper articles Index card (identifying the newspaper carrying the articles, title of the articles, and the date of the articles).
 Explanation of why it is important to familiarize ourselves with events that transpire around our towns, state, country and the rest of the world. This will help the students to relate this lesson to real life situations. Make a chart to be posted in the classroom.
 Share with the students an article that was chosen, cut out, and brought into school to share with the rest of the class. Post this on the overhead projector or computer. Model for the students the process of oral presentation. Give an example of the information that should be included on the index card and how it must be organized. Show examples of the current events activity that must be accompanied by the article and index card.
 Students will take on the role of "reporters". Guide students in oral presentation by encouraging the use a "loud and clear" voice and eye contact. Each of the news reporter must choose one of the following activities to complete): 1-page written paper containing the summary of their article, their opinion on the events that transpired, and drawing a logical conclusion of what the outcome might be. A neatly drawn and colored comic strip representing the main events of the news story. A neatly drawn and colored political cartoon representing the idea or message behind the news story. Formulating a well written, 3-paragraph editorial expressing your support or opposion to the events in the news story.
 Students will work with a partner if necessary. Teacher will focus on students or groups of students who needs assistance. Students who find it difficult to speak in front of the group will work with a teacher aid to practice.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher prompted questions (to each reporter) to check for comprehension of the information.
 Hold a brief open class discussion on the stories that were reported that particular day in class. Breifly summerize each story, and allow some time for questions.
 News Reporters: Oral presentation Creative aspect of news event The class: Attentivness Written feedback sheets
Teacher Reflections:
 Were the students able to grasp the concepts being introduced in this lesson? Was the response to the lesson a positive one? How will I follow up this lesson?

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