Lesson Plan : Columbian Exhange

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Vroulos
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Columbian Exhange
 Old and New Worlds Comumbian Exchange Imperialism Colonialism
 Identify the areas where the Spanish and Portoguese gained control Describe the Concept of Columbian Exchange. Determine the extent of exchange of plants, animals, disease and its effects on both sides of people. Analyze pictures and reading to assess the impact of the meetiong of the "Old" and "New" worlds. Asses the extend that the encounter of the two worlds produced a better world.
 Maps showing North America before and after colonialism. Political cartoon. Paintings and a chart describing the Columbian exhange.
 What is your favorate food? Where does it come from? Which historical events are responsible for bringing these foods to us? trade, discovery of America, cultural diffusion.
 Show the documents and explain that in groups they need to define the positive and negative effects of the Columbian Exchange on the European and Native Americans.
Checking For Understanding:
 How did the Europeans change America? Did the Columbian Exchange bring any negative or positive effects to the Europeans? Did the Columbian Exchange bring any negative or positive effects to the Native Americans?
 Did the encounter of the two worlds create a better world?Why or why not?

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