Lesson Plan : Civilizations of Africa

Teacher Name:
 Zachary Becker
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Civilization of Africa during the middle ages
 Review civilization. Civilizations: Axum, Ghana, Kush/ Mali, Nubia, Songhai, and Carthage.
 The learner will be able to describe each civilization, identify each characteristic of civilization, compare and contrast each civilization.
 TWL: 1. Review the definition of civilization. 2. Identify, describe, and compare the civilizations of Africa.
 Textbook Notebook Graphic Organizer Elmo/ Overhead
 Have students answer the following in their notebooks: Create a list of what comes to your mind when you think of Africa. Discuss with the class their responses.
 Students will be given a graphic organizer. Using their textbooks, students will take notes about each civilization. In small groups, students will discuss what they found with a partner. The class will then have a full dicussion, with direct instruction, about each civilization. Finally, students will list similarities and differences between each civilization.
 1. Using their textbook, students will fill in a description and accomplishments for each civilization in the "African Civilizations Chart." 2. With a partner, students will compare their answers and discuss the accomplishments of each group. 3. Whole class discussion on each civilization with notes. 4. In small groups, students will compare each civilization, making generalizations about African Civilizations. 5. Class Discussion on generalizations of African Civilizations.
 EC students may be given charts partial filled out and/or guided reading sheet. Students will be ability grouped. AIG: Evaluate each civilization, including rise and fall. Include current issues in Africa and make preditions on why Africa faces so many issues today.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Informal Assessment- dicussion questions, chart. 2. Collect letters. 3. Give a short quiz the next class period.
 Discuss with class what they learned about Africa. Did anything surpise you? Why or why not? Where does most of our information about Africa come from? How might this influence our preceptions? Why migh many African nations be "struggling" today?
 1. Discussion- full class and within groups. 2. Letters to be completed for homework. 3. Short quiz for next class period.

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