Lesson Plan : Revolutionary Era

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Crowley
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Revolutionary Era
 Navigation act, stamp act, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, First Continental Congress, and Thomas Paine- Common Sense
 113.32.1.-The student understands traditional historical points of reference in U.S. history to 1877.
 113.32.1.A.-Identify the major eras in U.S. history to 1877 and describe their defining characteristics.
 Textbook, notes, anything they need from around the classroom for their skits.
 Have students fill out a KWL chart about important acts and events of the American Revolution. Students will only fill our the "K" and the "W" sections.
 Have a class discussion about how we gained our freedom and what we are able to do now that we have our freedom. Have students take notes on the important events as we discuss them. Ask students what side they would of been on and how they would have felt about the restrictions being placed on the new colonist.
 Divide students into groups and assign each group either an event or act. Each group will use the textbook or notes to learn as much information about the assigned theme and come up with a skit. The skit needs to cover the basic idea of the event or act, and the causes and effects. Afterward, each group will perform their skit to the class. All students must participate and will be graded by a rubric.
 Give the two special education students copies of the notes. Make sure all ELL students are divided up into the groups. The three ELL students that are in the early production stage will have an assigned "Buddy" to help guide them.
Checking For Understanding:
 Walk around the room while the groups work on putting their skits together. Give feedback and provide information that students are having a hard time find.
 Have students finish their KWL chart and fill in the "L" section.
 The students will be graded with a formative assessment. They will be graded on the skit and group work. This will take place during the unit. The skit is graded with a rubric.

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