Lesson Plan : Manifest Destiny

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Ron Brandt
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Manifest Destiny: The Rationalization for Expansion
 How economic, political, and social developments of early 19th century America evolved into the idea of Manifest Destiny.
 Students should become familiar with key figures and dates Discuss the reasons behind the westward expansion of the United States
 Use of Power Point that incorporates paintings that have meaning embedded with meaning, maps of location of expansion, and other pics to enforce the lesson.
 A picture that represents Manifest Destiny will be showed to the students and I will ask their interpretation of the painting. I will focus on the painting to try to draw the key aspects of it out, such as: which direction are the majority of things facing, what modes of transportation do you see, and what is the central figure holding in her hands?
 I will start things off by asking: "What sort of meaning or intonation does this picture have?" I will clarify or point them in the right direction if they are struggling or hesitant to participate
 N/A - this is an honors course and no accommodations are necessary.
Checking For Understanding:
 Questions will be asked about the lesson throughout. I will pause to let the kids think about it for a little bit and if no one answers I will attempt to draw an answer out.
 I summarize and ask if they have any questions or need clarification on the lesson.
 At the beginning of the lesson I will give a 5 question pre-test that will not be graded. This will be on the power point and presented to the class. I will give a couple of minutes, 2 max, to allow them to complete the pre-test. At the end of the lesson, I will give the same test. I will ask how many got "all right, 4 right, 3 right, 2 right, 1 right, or none" on the first test and the ask "how many got them all right" on the second test.
Teacher Reflections:
 I believe the students liked the presentation of the lesson. I observed the class and the teacher a couple of times before I taught and the the teacher rarely used the projector; so, my presentation was something new. After some slight hesitation to answer my introduction question, they started to open up and give their opinion of their view of the painting. Throughout the class they started to interact more and answer the questions I was asking. I had a very positive experience teaching this lesson.

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