Lesson Plan : Causes of the Revolutionary War

Teacher Name:
 Wayne Goodwin
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 The Revolutionary War
 The actions and reasoning behind the actions that lead to the Revolutionary War.
 To have the students know and understand the reasons why the Revolutionary War took place.
 To have the students pass the end of lesson test with a 90% or higher score. For the students to learn how to research for historical facts using various resources.
 Discover Education-This web site has streaming videos of various historical events. Early America-This site has articles, maps and short movies on early American people www.pbs.org-This site has games and activities for the students to learn from. Handouts: Vocabulary Words, KWL chart, crossword puzzle, rubric,and Social Studies book.
 Introduce the students to the era of colonial America. Tell the students in general what life was like and how people were living at the time.
 Show a short clip from the movie Sons of Liberty in order to visually show the students what was going on in Colonial America. Hand out the grading rubric to the students so they know what is expected.
 As a group have the students work on the vocabulary words by having them look up the definitions in the Social Studies book. At this time have the students fill out the K and W sections of the KWL chart.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the end of the class period the students will then be given a short ten question quiz to check for understanding.
 The students will then finish filling out the KWL chart. They will fill in the L part to show what they have learned from the class.
 Check to find out how well all the students did on the quiz. If majority or all of them passed then the lesson was a sucess. If not then rework the lesson plan so it is easier for the students to understand.

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