Lesson Plan : Legacy in American Culture

Teacher Name:
 Yanikie Hamilton
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Legacy in our local communities
 Students are asked to focus on the concept of legacy in their local communties. Prior to this lesson, we discussed larger movements and legacies that affect American citizens on a whole. Today, we will discuss legacy as it pertains to New York City.
 Aim: What are some legacies we enjoy in New York City? Who is responsible for leaving those legacies?
 SWBAT: Identify legacies in their local communities such as parks, food establishments, churches, schools, etc. SWBAT: Identify the people who are responsible for leaving those legacies. Questions: Where they social commentators? How were they motivated?
 "Who Planned this Park?" Handout. Quiz.
 Do now: Our surprise Quiz. Students will be assessed on the definitions and representations previously discussed of legacy and social commentary. This assessment will capture student readiness to move on to a next topic and if the content knowledge needs reinforcement before the introduction of another lesson in the unit. Not only is comprehension of the topic assessed, but student writing is assessed as well to mark improvements or non-improvement in writing skills since the diagnostic exam. Short Quiz: 5 questions/short answer questions
 The instructions for the quiz will be stated. The questions will be read aloud. Students will have the opportunity to clarify any questions.
 The "Who Planned That Park" handout will be given to students once the quiz is completed. We will read aloud starting with the teacher and passing paragrahs around the room until the passage is complete. We will briefly discuss what we read and what we understand from what we read. This passage is about Frederick Law Olsted who designed Central Park in NYC.
 Students' writing will be assessed to see if they have made any improvements since we have been incorporating writing tasks everyday in our lessons or homework assignments. Students were also asked to rewrite their disagnostic assessment with the corrections I made. I would like to track progress of their writing while assessing correct answers from the quiz. This would help me to continue to track those students who recieved a non-mastery for writing criteria on the diagnostic. For the reading and comprehension assignment, students who score lower on the tracker will be given sticky note pads to take notes in the margins as they read. This is a tool that good readers utilize and using sticky notes will be a fun introduction to the idea of tracking key points and ideas in the margins while reading.
Checking For Understanding:
 Quiz Peer reviewed answers to the reading comprehension task.
 Homework Assignment: Research a park in your immediate community and write about its origins. This writing assignment will also be tracked.

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