Lesson Plan : Review of Mesopotamia

Teacher Name:
 Katrina Prickett
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 The early river civilization between the Tigris and the Euphrates River will be reviewed and their knowledge of reading timelines will be assessed.
 Standards: History 1 and 2(a,b,c,and d)
 Indus River Valley video. I have, who has cards for vocabulary review. Paddles for the ABCD assessment, power point slides for the formative assessment.
 The video is already qued up to play. The board has the bell ringer to sit down and write three facts about the Indus River Valley people, and one question that they still have.
 15 minute video reviewing the concepts covered in chapter 3 about the culture that developed between the two rivers.
 I will use the bell ringer as a jumpstart into a discussion around the video about the things they are taking away from the chapter. I will try to answer the one question from the bell ringer through discussion about the three facts everybody remembers.
Checking For Understanding:
 We are going to switch gears and talk about timelines for the remainder of class. I have a five question quiz on a power point presentation, the students will all receive paddles with the letters ABC and D on them. The questions all have something to do with the first civilizations unit that we are working on but will be asking the students to use a timeline. I will post the question and then ask everyone to put their heads down and raise the answer they picked. I will keep a journal of the activity to gauge what we need to go over again.
 We will go over the answers and talk about the timelines. I will also through in challenge questions that tweek the original question just enough to make the kids think outside the box a little more.

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