Lesson Plan : Introduction to Apple Mini Unit

Teacher Name:
 D. More
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Apples/Apple Crisp Lab
 Introduction - Welcome to the Wonderful World of Apples Brainstorming Activity Diagnostic Quiz Taste-testing/Observation Sheet Apples PPT Part 1 - Background/History/Geography of Apples
 To introduce the in-depth study of apples. To assess prior knowledge of apples. To give an opportunity for application of skills and techniques in food preparation and kitchen management. To introduce new kitchen tool - apple corer.
 Overall Expectations PRV.03x -summarize the practical factors and demonstrate the skills involved in producing appetizing and healthy foods for themselves and others DIV.03X -identify food supply and production industries in Canada; SSV.03X -demonstrate effective collaborative group skills. Specific Expecations PR1.01X - identify nutrients, and their sources, required for maintaining good health at different stages of the life cycle; PR2.07X -describe how to identify fresh, ripe produce; PR3.05X - demonstrate accurate measuring skills and appropriate food-preparation techniques (e.g. stirring, beating, whipping, chopping, broiling, frying); Specific Expectations PR3.02x -identify, select, and effectively use appropriate kitchen tools to plan and prepare interesting and appealing meals in cooperation with others; PR3.11x -demonstrate basic cooking and baking skills
 LCD Projector
 Welcome to the Wonderful World of Apples Invite students to come to the blackboard to contribute to a list of known varities of apples. Check the list for accuracy. Hand out the Diagnostic Quiz: What Do You Know About Apples? Complete and place in binder.
 Hand out the Diagnostic Quiz -- What do you know about apples? - students will keep the quiz and we will take it up and discuss it on Day 4 of the unit. Hand out the Apple Observation sheet. Invite the students to bring it to the demonstration island. Examine 7 varieties of apples (Paula Red, Cortland, Golden Delicious,Fuji,Empire) ---2 organic (Braeburn, Ambrosia) Demonstrate the use of the apple corer.
 Assign groups of students to a work area to begin cutting up the 5 varieties of apples that we will be taste-testing (McIntosh, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Spartan,Gala) Observe the students as they prep the apples and present them on a plate. Prior to the taste test, advise the students that they need to fill in the observation chart as they taste each sample. if they wish to cleanse their palate after each apple piece, they can take a glass of water around with them. Observe as the taste-test proceeds. Remind the students that they need to clean up as they go along and when each centre is done. Students will return to their seats on completion of the taste-test and will be asked to take out some lined paper to take notes from the PPT "The Wonderful World of Apples". The background, history and geography of apples will be covered in Part 1 (Slides 1 - 12)of the PPT.
 Students will be encouraged to network on their observation chart to ensure competion and clarification of information. I will have a hard copy of the PPT for any student who needs note-taking support.
Checking For Understanding:
 Discussion - at each stage of the lesson The students will have an opportunity to make changes to the Diagnostic Quiz as we go through the mini unit. Changes will be made in another colour or circled so we can assess what was learned through the unit. Honour system.
 What fact did you learn about apples that you didn't know before? Write it on your Dignostic Quiz handout. Which apple was your favourite on the taste-test and why?
 Anecdotal notes on how they did with the taste-test preparations. Use of the apple corer. Participation in the discussions about apples and from the PPT information.
Teacher Reflections:
 We need more apple corers in the lab. I will buy some more before Wednesday. Next time I would give each student in the group an apple to "core" with the tool and place on the presentation plate. Some of them had experience with more unusual varities of apples (Andy - Fuji)but it appears that this unit will be an eye-opener for all. Alyssa Walsh's group put a great deal of effort into placement of the apple slices on the plate - nice presentation. I needed to remind them about taking only one slice during the taste-test so that everyone can try each type. At the end, 3 girls missed out on one of the varieties as it was gone, so we cut up another one of that type.

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