Lesson Plan : New Empires in North America

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Bailey
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Race for Empires (3.4)
 Early French Settlement & Expansion (de La Salle); New Netherland and New Sweden (Minuit) English Setlements (charter, Raleigh)
 Students will understand why the French moved inland from the coast. Students will compare how French, Dutch and Swedish settlements are similar. Students explan reasons for and results of England's early attempts of colonization.
 Students create "New world newspapers" in groups where each group is assigned an early player in North America's Exploration and settlement.
 Posterboard, construction paper, markers, colored pencils
 Students will be assigned the task of presenting information about early exploration and settlement of North America
 Students will be given news papers to look through to get ideas for what is put into a newpaper. Students should note birth announcements, new technologies, advertisements, cartoons, puzzles, etc.
 Students will work in groups to read and discuss particularly important aspects of their assigned settlement.
 Students will be grouped to work with group members with differing backgrounds/abilities. Students will be assigned varying settlements due to their difficulty level. Activity accommodates all learners in that they can write, draw, design, or discuss information with their members to create the project using their differing learning styles and abilities.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher monitors group work/participation, and reviews what they are working on to ensure they understand what their assignment was.
 Students present their newspapers to the class and the class and teacher question them on their settlement to ensure everyone knows the information.
 Student work and participation will be graded. Student knowledge/ability to answer review questions after the presentations.
Teacher Reflections:
 When doing this project in the future, I might spend more time working individually with the groups. Sitting down with a few groups produced great results. Also, using the projects this current classncreated to present an example of the project to new classes may help get students on track earlier instead of having to re-explain the assignment quite a few times.

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