Lesson Plan : Our English Heritage

Teacher Name:
 Carl Depo
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Our English Heritage and The English Colonies
 Parliament Glorious Revolution English Bill of Rights Magna Carta Plymouth Mayflower Compact Jamestown House of Burgesses Direct, representative democracy John Locke Three sets of colonies, Know all of the states, Industrial versus Agricultural, Puritan religion versus Anglican religion and where they are.
 Students will learn how America had formed their ideas of self-government and where their idea of a system of law came from. Students will be able to tell the differences in the colonies and how each group of colonies developed.
 SWBAT: Trace and analyze the development of ideas about self-government in British North America. SWBAT: Trace the development of law in American Society SWBAT describe how geographic diversity influenced economic, social, and political life in colonial North America SWBAT Elaborate on and American Identity
 Laptop Data Projector Lecture Notes Iowa handout Origins of self government handout Mayflower Compact handout Laptop, Data projector, Lecture notes, Thirteen colonies handout, Types of colonies foldable handout, Come to America handout, colored pencils.
 Quiz every morning. After quiz students will individually complete the Iowa handout. Once quiz is done students will discuss what they wrote down on the Iowa handout. Students will then be given the lecture notes for the day. Quiz every day on the previous day's material. Go over quiz. Have students complete the Thirteen colonies handout with their book and three colored pencils. Teacher walks around helping those that need it. This can be done while others are still taking quiz.
 During the lecture they will fill in the blanks as we go through the lesson plan. Students will fill in the blanks as we go through the notes. Lecture notes will be handed out after the quiz. Explain key terms they will need to know.
 As a break in notes the students will complete the Mayflower Compact handout in groups of two to three. Teacher will form the groups. As a classwork (homework if time is short) students will have to complete the Come to America hanout. This will be turned in at the end of the week. Students will be told to find some information from the school library or some other book source. Sources will be asked for.
 This lesson gives direct instruction, independent and group work, individual help, for a variety of learning styles. For those that have an IEP, they will be given extra time and separate testing facilities. (taken in ESL room) This lesson will accommodate students who learn visually, verbally, orally, along with the hands on learners. The quiz will allow for extra time and some can take it in a separate setting if they need to.
Checking For Understanding:
 After the instructional time students will be asked to tie in the Iowa colony handout to the day's lesson. It will be something they will have to look at again later in the chapter. The poster will be turned in at the end of the week. The Thirteen colonies will be turned in at the end of the class period.
 As a closure they will need to answer two or three questions that may look a lot like the next day's quiz. They will be able to help each other answer these questions orally. Questions again from the quiz will be asked. Students will be encouraged to help those students who did not grasp the material.
 Quiz every day. Test at the end of both unit 2 and 3.

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