Lesson Plan : How Do Soldiers Communicate

Teacher Name:
 Marla Baldwin/T Ringler
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 How Do Soldiers Communicate with Family and Friends
 The Curriculum content is based on 1 literacy standard. 1 technology standard, and Michigan Standard Literacy Standard 2.4 develop studentsí critical thinking skills through oral, written, and visual texts and foster their lifelong use; 2.5 promote studentsí appreciation of and engagement in a wide variety of media and genre. Technology Standard 1: Use a variety of telecommunication tools (e.g., e-mail, discussion groups, IM, chat rooms, blogs, video-conferences, web conferences) or other online resources to collaborate interactively with peers, experts, and other audiences
 The Goal of the lesson is to learn about how soldiers communicate with family and friends. The students will discuss what they already know about the subject. Next they will discuss what they want to know about the subject. Then the students will explore the topic through online research. The students will finally explain what they learned about the topic by creating a blog of their findings.
 Curriculum objectives will be met by utilizing the five kinds of learning in the inquiry process. Curriculum Content: The curriculum content includes finding facts about the subject, interpreting what has been found and synthesizing the information. Information Literacy: The concept for learning is to enhance literacy based inquiry. Learning How To Learn: Through use of the KWL the students will intiate prior knowledge of the topic. The students will explain what they want to know about the topic. Literacy Competence Social Skills: Students will learn social skills by working in groups and assisting each other with locating internet sites.
 The internet sites, Microsoft word documents,emails, and blogs are the materials that will be used to carryout the lesson plan.
 I introduced the project to the students by giving them the topic. How to Soldiers in Iraq communicate with their family and friends. We did a KWL to find out what the students prior knowledge on the subject was and also what they wanted to know. I then took them to several websites that they could go to to explore the subject.
 I will provide students with the opportunity to inquire about the topic using the KWL. Ms. Ringler supports the students by assisting them with creating their word documents and blogs
  The next day Feb 10 2009. The students got to use laptops to find websites regarding the subject. The students wrote down the information they found and then transposed the research onto a word document. This week the students came back to the library and posted their findings on gaggle.net. Gaggle.net is a website for students and teachers.
 The accommodations made for Differentiated Instruction included working with groups and with individuals. Students who made progress quickly were allowed to utilize the laptops and students who needed more help were given individualized assistance.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students Microsoft word documents were looked at by Ms. Ringler and Ms. Purdy to check for understanding of the topic
 Students will wrap up by posting their blogs on gaggle.net which is a protected teacher student website.

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