Lesson Plan : Beginning of The Renaissance

Teacher Name:
 Mr. David Walker
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 The Renaissance, how it spread and its lasting effects.
 Renaissance artwork, famous artist, architecture and the spread of ideas.
 The student will understand the influence of the European Renaissance. The student is expected to: (A) identify the causes and characteristics of the European Renaissance; and (B)identify the effects of the European Renaissance.
 The students will be able to respond to questions during numerous brief intervels during the video. A guided worksheet will be given prior to the start of the video. The worksheet will be filled in by students as they watch the video.
 I will use the projector, chapter outline, video, and world maps.
 The beginning of the Renaissance will be covered in class. The students will focus on early Renaissance artits and their contributions to the time period.
 Media will be used to provide visual aids for students. The videos will cover the introduction to the Renaissance as well as provide visuals for actual artworks of that period. The videos will be supplemented with lecture and clarification. I will pause the video and cover the main points. Also maps will be used to show the students what area the Renaissance is in Europe.
 The class will be given a guided worksheet that will be filled in and be completed while the video is being shown.
 The students guided worksheet will provide kinesthetic hands on activity for the video. Also students will make a visual diagram on the board and compare similarities and ideas. A modified quiz will provided for a special ed student that is in the classroom. The quiz will be modified to his infividual learning style.
Checking For Understanding:
 The video will be paused and the students will be checked verbally for clarification and understanding. The quiz that will be given will be for a daily grade, and show students comprehension in the subject matter.
 At the end of class period the diagram will be filled in by students in the classroom.

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