Lesson Plan : Concentration Camps

Teacher Name:
 Missy Baxter
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 The Concentration camps were a big part of World War 2. They showed how far some people would go to kill a group because they want power. This war and these camps are a symbol of what the world should never become.
 euthanasia, World War 2, Concentration Camps, medical experiments, gas chambers
 Have the kids understand and realize what concentration camps symbolize in this world. Killing off a certain group is wrong and now most of the world knows how to respect each others religion.
 I want to keep my class involved and I would like them to want to learn more about the concentration camps and how they changed lives and effected the world.
 I'm going to hand out an article. This article will be all about the concentration camps and where they took place and what happened in them. After we go over the article I'm handing out a crossword puzzle of vocabulary they might have learned from the article.
 I'm going to talk about what events lead up to concentration camps and how people reacted to what went on in these camps.
 Hand out the article and have them highlight terms they don't understand/don't know and things they want to know more about.
 Start the conversation with questions and opinion on the camps. Explain to them the terms they didn't understand. Show them pictures of different concentration camps and different procedures the camps used to torture the prisoners.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask them on their views of the concentration camps and see how they changed from the beginning of the class.
 As a homework assignment the students will have to go home and talk to one of their parents or older sibling about the concentration camps and explain to them what they are. To know this was completed they have to bring in a piece of paper that has three question that their parents/siblings had and a signature.

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