Lesson Plan : The Columbian Exchange

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 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 The Age of Exploration and the effects of the Columbian Exchange on Europe and the Americans
 Students will have an understanding of the animals and plants and diseases that were introduced the the Americans by Europe and the effects on the Native American population. They will also understand how plants and animals from the Americas were brought back to Europe.
 Students will identify animals and plants native to the Americas and Europe. Students will explain the impact of the Columbian Exchange on Europe and the Americas.
 -Student reading guide -Overhead Chart of the Columbian Exchange -Note Guide for their notebooks
 Warm-up question: Look at the chart "The Columbian Exchange" on page 40. Identify two farm animals that Europeans brought to the Americas.
 1. Review prior knowledge. Review key elements from the Reading Guide from the previous lesson. 2. Review previous days homework assignment, Columbus Primary Source document. Have students predict what effect Spanish colonization will have on Native Americans. 3. Have students review the Columbian Exchange chart on page 40, and read about the effects of the Columbian exchange. Have students create a two columm chart in their notebooks. Label one column Impact on Americas, and the other columm Impact on Europe. Discuss the positive and negative effects of the Columbian Exchange and fill in charts.
 3. Next have students answer the following question in their notebooks below their two column chart: Who do you think benefited the most from the Columbian Exchange: the Native Americans or Europeans? Explain why using evidence from your notes or the textbook. 4. Have students share their responses to check understanding of the impact of the Columbian Exchange.
 Provide students with difficulties organizing notes with a two-column chart and the daily question. Have students place these notes in their notebook or binder.
 Review with students that there will be a quiz tomorrow. Quiz info: Vocabulary: strait, circumnavigate, Columbian Exchange, Columbus, Magellan Concepts: Why did Europeans begin exploring for new sea routes, examples of technology that helped Europeans explore, Effects/impact of Columbian Exchange, areas that Columbus explored
 Students understanding will be checked through questioning. Students will be assessed in a quiz.

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