Lesson Plan : Immigration

Teacher Name:
 Angela Iovine
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Explore idea of immigration and relate what we know about immigration from the life of the character of Panchito in our Literacy novel, "Breaking Through".Think critically about the government's position on immigration and what it's policies mean to people like Panchito.
 Difficulties Panchito faces as an immigrant in 1955. Difficulties faced by immigrants today (similarities/differences). Current immigration policy as presented in article describing President Bush's act of signing into law the construction of a fence on the border between the U.S. and Mexico.
 Students will be able to relate to the immigrant experience through a discussion of Panchito, as well as the experiences of friends and family members. Students will critically assess problem presented as well as solutions presented by lawmakers. Students will compare and contrast opinions of Republican and Democratic lawmakers.
 SWBAT make predictions about the texts used in the lesson. SWBAT use context clues and prior knowledge to guess the meanings of unfamiliar words in the article. SWBAT compare and contrast information within the texts (article and novel).
 Newspaper article Novel: "Breaking Through"
 1. How do you usually feel on the first day of school? How do you think Panchito feels? (analyze similarities, differences) 2. Do you think that things have changed for immigrants to the U'S. in 2008? (elicit prior knowledge) Can you predict what the U.S. might do in the future to screen immigrants?
 Discuss immigration for Panchito (was it easy for him to move here?)and contrast in with the immigration process today for Latin Americans. Introduce newspaper article and examine for clues to organization, main idea, compare and contrast details. Use K-W-L chart.
 Read first paragraph of article out loud to model using context clues and making predictions. Instruct students to use * + - while reading article to monitor active reading skills and comprehension.
 I will vary the the possible ways students in groups can present their information from the article. Students will choose choose whether they want to draw their chart on chart paper, write a play using Panchito as the main character or draw a comic strip, etc.
Checking For Understanding:
 Student presentations of material.
 Summary of student's performances/main ideas.
 Participation in groups/presentation

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