Lesson Plan : Why Were The Colonists So Mad?

Teacher Name:
 A. Starbuck
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Lesson #2: What made the colonists so mad?
 What made the colonists revolt against England? How did the colonists react to British policy? Kew Vocabulary: Act, colonists, revolution, rebellion, taxation, tyranny, freedom, democracy, independence, imperial power, monarch, militia, nationalism, legislation, massacre
 NCSCOS 2.01 Trace the events leading up to the Revolutionary War and evaluate their significance in the onset of the hostilities.
  Students will be able to explain how the colonists responded to British policy and how this policy caused the colonists to revolt.
 computers, internet access, textbook, resource books
 Journal Question: How do you feel and how do you respond when your parents tell you what to do all the time, but never let you have a say?
 Within a small group, students will focus on one of the following events: Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, First Continental Congress, or the Committees of Correspondence. Using the internet, textbook and library books, students will find out how the colonists responded to each event. Students will summarize what they learn.
 Upon completion of their research, students will choose one method to demonstrate how the colonists responded. (See attached)
 1. Students will choose to use the internet, textbooks, or library books. 2. Students will choose the individual method to share how the colonists reacted. *3. D.W. focuses well when working in a group. Members of the group will help with his reading comprehension difficulties by reading material aloud and discussing with D.W. the information. Due to D.W.'s difficulty with multi-step assignments, he will be given an instruction page with specific steps listed (once his group has chosen their product). His list will also have a place to check off the steps completed which will help keep him motivated.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will evaluate the group product.
 Groups will share their product and their findings with the whole class.
 Completed product.

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