Lesson Plan : Propaganda Techniques

Teacher Name:
 Jonathon Nunn
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 How do political Parties use propaganda techniques to create influence the way people vote ina general election
 Glittering Generalities, Bandwagon, Stack cards, name calling, plain folk, and Image Molding
 The Learner Will Describe the election process and qualifications and procedures for voting
 TLW analyze the uses of political campaign strategies reacliing the uses in everday life, magazines and finally in the political realm.
 Book, computer, and Overhead
 The Wamr up today will be a mini lesson on the material we learned about yesterday. 1. What are the differences between Primary elections and caucuses? 2. What are the differences between primary elections and general elections? 3. What happens when there is a tie in a general election? 4. How do we get the number thet each state has in the electoral college?
 I will begin the lesson by explainin the warm up as well as explain how it connects todays material. That yes we vote for a candidate and we influence candidates by voting for them, but how do they influence us as voters. During this time we will also begin the notes for today's material so that they have it in their notes.
 They will work on three activities to make connections to the material. Activity one: Using magazines they will find uses of political adds in magazines that are there to influence us as potential buyers/voters. Activity two: we will watch political adds from past general elections on the overhead projector. They will give mewhat political propaganda techiniques they used in the add on the piece of paper they used for activity One.
 The students who need accomadations that cannot do that much will instead draw me a poltical campaign commercial add using two of the strategies.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will walk around the room making sure that they students are working on the assignments as well as check for questions they may have. I will also be reading their sentences to make sure they understand what I am looking for.
 We will start cleaning it up with five minutes left in class and I will have them conduct their exit passes. With each student they must ome up with a different items that they learned about today. Each student has to be different from the next.
 If the students got the examples don quickly and wanted to do more then they fully understand the material. The students who just got the work done before the end of the period I will make sure we review again tomorrow and I will clear anything up with them. The students who did not do anything I will work with them tomorrow while the students are working on the new activity.

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