Lesson Plan : People in Societies

Teacher Name:
 Sara Roark
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 People in Societies (Cultural Perspective)
 Subject Matter: Cultural perspective Key Vocabulary: cultural connections, perspectives, culture, society, conventions, evolves, subcultures
 1. Students will understand how to look up information using an index 2. students will understand their own culture, and will be able to write in complete sentences about their culture. 3. Students will be able to understand the difference between culture and society. 4. Students will be able to understand the importance of different cultures (Afican Americans, Hispanic Americans, American Indians and Asian Americans) within the United States.
 Benchmarks: People in Societies A. Analayze the influence of different culturl perspectives on the actions of groups B. Analyze the ways that different cultures result in exchanges of cultural practices Content Standards: People in Societies 2. Analyze the perspectives that are evident in African-American, American Indian and Latino art, music, literature and media and how these controbutions reflect and shape culture in the United States.
 Buckle Down OGT book, pencils and pens, Multiple Textbooks with indexes, Copies of an United States map handout, crayons or colored pencils, index cards, paper, Study Island W/ computer, Cards with OGT questions and answers on them, PPT on culture.
 Students will get a "Buckle Down" book off the shelf and turn to page 75. Students will take turns reading a paragraph at a time until they reach page 80, (through Asian Americans).
 Students after they have read pgs 75-80, will watch a ppt on cultural perspectives in the United States and take notes.
 Students will be guided by the teacher to understand the material they are reading, at the sametime practicing note taking skills using ppt.
 Students who have trouble expressing themselves in writing will be able to answer the W.E.B Double Consciousness statement directly to the teacher.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will write a journal "HOW MANY CULTURES ARE YOU A PART OF?" Teacher will walk around and check at the different stations to make sure students are on the right track and to see if they have any questions.
 Students will come back to their seats and discuss with the teacher questions they have about today's lesson information they have learned. What they would like to learn in the future. (KWL) Home Work: Ask the oldest person that you know about the differences between culture today and when they were young.
 Review the materials the students have turned in and check their understanding. Notes the students took KWL HW Journal

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