Lesson Plan : Jackson Battles Bank of the U.S.

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 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Andrew Jackson
 Andrew Jackson determines to "kill the bank of the U.S./ national bank"
 Students will analyze related text and an overhead transparency image while taking interactive notes in their workbooks and participating in class.
 Summarize key events and practices that characterized the Jacksonian Era, including Jackson's veto of the National Bank (16.D.3a(US), 15.E.3b); Critique Andrew Jackson's presidency from the perspectives of the various groups of people affected by his policies (16.B.3a(US), 16.D.3a(US))
 History Alive Transparency 14G, Students' Interactive Notebooks,
 Remind students that there will be a chapter-test; either on Thursday or Monday. Tell students that today, they will learn about another major aspect and key event of Jackson's presidency; particularly after he won re-election to the presidency. However, this key event touched off great controversy in the country.
 Display Transparency 14G. Ask students what they see in the cartoon; and what they think is happening.
 Tell students to read section 14.6 and to complete accompanying Reading-notes in groups. After students complete their notes, have them share with the class.
 Students have been grouped into clusters of students who have a range of abilities. They can help each other.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask students to share their reading-notes responses. Use teacher's key (History Alive Lesson Guide p. 328)to review main points with class. Re-display Transparency 14G; explain that Jackson appears on the left; Nicholas Biddle is in a top hat; center in the picture. The heads represent the 24 bank-directors. Ask students What does Jackson have in his hand? What is he trying to do? What danger does the snake represent? What is the cartoonist's intended message? Do you agree with the message? Why or why not?
 Ask students to tell me what happened to end this story/ event in Jackson's presidency. Ask them to write a half sheet journal-entry on whether or not they think that it was right or wrong; and why.
 Throughout chapter, will try to continuously evaluate students' work in interactive notebooks.

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