Lesson Plan : World War II

Teacher Name:
 Lisa Herndon
 Grade 7-8
 Special Education

 Wartime Posters for World War II
 Warld War II and Wartime Posters
 TO intigrate a history lesson integrated with technology in order to learn more about World War II by looking up Wartime Posters on the internet and visiting web sites to understand how people were feeling about war intervention at the time.
 To recognize that, despite America's eventual involvement in the WWII, not everyone initially agreed that intervention was the answer. To conduct research by visiting web sites about the political, economic, sociological, and historical factors in the US prior to WWII. To interpret and evaluate a position, then present it visually on a poster created with computer graphics.
 Set the stage: It is Dec 6, 1941. The US is beginning to emerge from the Great Depression and war is raging in Europe. Everyday you hear the reports of how it is spreading to other parts of the world. You have heard of the Nazi atrocities but it all seems so far away. Is war the best thing for the nation? Should the US get involved with such a costly effort?
 To develop a real sense of how Americans in 1941 might have answered this question, students should conduct research to develop a background about the US and the world between the end of WWI and 1940. What were the issues for people who were vacillating between intervention and isolation in WWII. The research should be centered around the following questions:
 What was the economic status of the US in 1940? To what extent were WWI and the Great Depression still a factor? What were the political conditions in Europe in 1940? What countries were at war? What was happening in Asia at this time? Which Asian countries were engaged in war? What factors supported US entry in WWII? What factors cautioned against US involvement in WWII?
 We will go to the computer lab for class time.
Checking For Understanding:
 Rubric handed out for each student in order for them to see how they will be assessed.
 When the posters are complete, the sutdents will present their poster to the class. We will create a poster gallery in the classroom and invite students to select the most pursuasive poster in each category.
 Students will write a reflection on how they think they would have felt during the time of WWII, and has their opinion changed since their research.

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