Lesson Plan : Anne Frank and the Holocaust

Teacher Name:
 Jesse Hall
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 A look at the Holocaust through the eyes of Anne Frank
 Holocaust History
  1. The ability to relate to a human being who lost their life in "The Final Solution" during WWII and understand that 6 million other people with characters and personalities of their own died the same way. 2. To combine the information contained in primary and secondary sources to form a historical perspective. 3. To become a better writer. 4. To gain more experience using the computer for writing, brainstorming and providing information.
  1. To gain experience in reading and interpreting primary sources ie. Anne Frank's diary. 2. To work on summarizing material, because summarizing is one of the best methods of learning. 3. Molding individual perspectives into an informative concept map on Inspiration.
 1. Anne Frank's Diary 2. A large computer room equipped with the Internet, Microsoft Word, and Inspiration software.
 The Holocaust is the name given to the "Final Solution" of Nazi Germany during WWII, whose racist policies led to the deaths of six million Jewish people, Gypsies, Slavic people and communists in Nazi prison camps and death camps. The main difference between these two camps was the way people died. People died in labor camps from fatigue and starvation from being overworked and fed six hundred calories a day. Death camps like Auschwitz in Poland, exterminated Jewish people by forcing them to breathe toxic fumes in gas chambers. You all will be reading an account from one of the six million people that died during the Holocaust. Her name was Anne Frank and she died at the young age of thirteen. Reading Frank's diary and finding information about the Holocaust will hopefully give a character and a personality to the millions who died during the Holocaust.
 1. Monday's reading assignment: You all will be responsible for reading pages 11-41 of Anne Frank's diary. Make sure to jot down information that you find important for tomorrow's activity, which will involve summarizing what you all have read. 2. Tuesday's summarizing assignment: Today you all will write a summary in which you will describe the important information you found. Try to pick the main points about what you've read. If you get stuck, raise your hand. Maybe I can guide you with a question concerning the reading. 3. Wednesday's USHMM website assignment- Today you all are going to look for information on the website for the United States Holocaust Museum. Just like on Monday, it is important that you guys take notes on what you find at the site. 4. Thursday concept map using Inspiration- On Monday you read a portion of Anne Frank's biography. Yesterday, everybody looked at a website to find information concerning Holocaust history. Today's job involves grouping up in an effort to combine the knowledge everyone has gathered this week by creating a concept map. Every group will be responsible for handing in one concept map.
 1. Monday's reading assignment- We'll read and take notes about the first three pages together. If any of you have any questions about today's assignment, please ask. The information you obtain today will be used all week long. 2. Tuesday's summarizing assignment- I'll put my model summary up on the overhead and go over it. If there's any questions, just holler. 3. Wednesday's USHMM website assignment- Before we go off on our own, we'll all visit the website dedicated to Anne Frank at the USHMM to make sure everyone starts off on the right foot. 4.Thursday's concept map using Inspiration- We'll do a couple topics as a class before we split into groups. If you have any questions, now would be the perfect time to raise them.
 1. Monday-Help those who need it identify some of the main aspects of the reading. 2. Tuesday-Have questions ready for those who still aren't sure what to write. Be willing to refer students who need it to important pages of the book. Providing some basic typing instruction. 3. Wednesday- Refer students who need it to the parts of the website that contain a lot of info. Provide assistance for those lacking in computer experience. 4. Thursday- Explain that there are two modes of Inspiration and those who think in a more linear fashion could use the outline mode and those who do not can use the diagram mode. I also need to assign groups based on each student's computer ability. 5. Friday- discussion- bring a lot of questions for the students to answer and get ready to answer a lot of questions from the students.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each student will be assessed individually by the summary he or she turns in and the willingness he or she has to discuss his or her ideas in discussion.
 On Friday about five minutes before the bell rings, I want to ask everybody in the class what they learned. It can be about whatever they experienced over the course of the week.
 I really don't know if this lesson plan will work or not. I really believe that students learn by constructing the world around them and this lesson attempts to incorporate my constructivist view. This assignment requires the students to have a great deal of computer ability, so this needs to be taken into account.
Teacher Reflections:
 Everything looks good on paper. I don't know if I've prepared enough,or if this is too big of a workload for the students.

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